How to disable Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

How to disable Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

VoLTE is one of the latest technological advances. It allows you to make calls to France via the Internet. Many operators and different smartphones offer this feature.

Some users have questions about how this technology works and the rules around it. Here are the answers !

VoLTE: that’is it’is ?

VoLTE is a technology available on LTE/4G phones. It is the abbreviation for Voice over Long-Term Evolution. It allows you to make voice calls using LTE or 4G networks. You can also use it to call people via the Internet, on the 4G network.

You do not need to install a specific application to do this. This function can be supported by the device.

However, this is not a recent innovation. Calls on the 4G network are possible since 2014. Major operators already offer VoLTE. Bouygues Telecom brought this technology to France in 2015. Orange followed suit in 2016.

SFR is doing the same in 2017, then Free in 2021.

VoLTE is enabled by default on a 4G-enabled phone. You just need to update the software to use it. However, you will need to make some changes to the settings if you are using an iPhone or other Apple cell phone.

The benefits of VoLTE

Using VoLTE allows you to take advantage of more advanced technology. The 4G network was previously dedicated to the Internet connection. Calls switch to 2G or 3G.

With the advent of VoLTE, phone conversations are made on 4G.

The main advantages of VoLTE are :

  • The speed of data transfer: no more waiting time between the transmission and reception of a call;
  • The sound quality of a phone call;
  • The ability to use calls and file transfer at the same time;
  • No additional costs: phone calls are charged independently of the data consumed. The exchanges in video can nevertheless be deducted from the amount of data available;
  • The ability to receive a text message during a phone call;
  • The ability to take or make a call during an Internet connection.

What you need to make VoLTE calls ?

VoLTE technology is not available to everyone. There are conditions to take advantage of it:

  • You must have a smartphone that is compatible with the 4G/LTE network;
  • You must be in an area where you can receive 4G ;
  • VoLTE is supported by the SIM card, the operator and the mobile device used;
  • Your package must be compatible with VoLTE: prepaid offer, blocked package, etc. ;
  • The VoLTE function is active;
  • The software provided by the manufacturer or the operator has not been modified ;
  • The calls are made in metropolitan France.

The list of compatible devices is available on the Internet and in the customer area of the operators that offer this technology. All the latest generation smartphones, mid-range and high-end, are part of it. If necessary, you can contact your network operator to find out which software is compatible.

On the other hand, to enjoy an HD call, the person you are talking to should also be using the LTE network.

How to disable it ?

Operators are free to define the terms and conditions for VoLTE calls. While visios are part of Bouygues’ Internet consumption, Orange considers them as classic calls.

As for disabling VoLTE, again, the conditions are set by your carrier.

To disable this function on an Android phone :

  • Go to the settings ;
  • Go to the “Login” section;
  • Open “Mobile Networks”;
  • Uncheck the “Calls via 4G” or “VoLTE” box.
  • Go to the settings of the device;
  • Go to “Cellular Data;
  • Enter “Options;
  • Choose “Activate 4G”;
  • Check “Data only.

Without VoLTE, calls are systematically routed to the 3G or even 2G network. Disabling the feature can affect the Internet connection or cause data overage when making video calls.

What is the difference between VoLTE and VoWiFi ?

VoLTE and VoWiFi have similar features. They allow you to make calls via the Internet. The notable difference lies in the network used. VoLTE is based on the operator’s. VoWiFi, on the other hand, needs a WiFi connection (via a box or router) to work.

It is impossible to make a VoWiFi call through a 4G network. The WiFi Calling option can be found in the settings for phones that offer it.

These two functions can coexist without any problem. A VoLTE-enabled phone can also work with VoWiFi. When you make a call, the network automatically chooses the most suitable.

The ability to surf the Internet during a phone call is also a common feature of VoLTE and VoWiFi. Some places are only better served by mobile networks and others by WiFi. In any case, the one used (WiFi or LTE) is displayed at the top of the phone screen when making calls.