How can expired domain names become dangerous

How can expired domain names become dangerous ?

Expired domain names present excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs, but also for hackers. Some of them take advantage of expired domain names to access the sensitive information of former customers of the NDD in question. Fortunately, there are platforms ofbuying and selling expired NDDs that limit this kind of problem.

Monitor the expiration of a domain name

If expired domain names can become dangerous, it is also for the company that used it before. If your domain name falls into the wrong hands, it can quickly be used to impersonate you or your company. A malicious person could easily use your old domain name to contact your former customers in your name.

It is therefore imperative to be vigilant and not to be surprised. Knowing when a domain name expires is therefore necessary. All the more so as the terms of expiry of an NDD may vary from one country to another.

A large company must have a dedicated service that allows it to manage this issue permanently.

The problem of expired sub-domains

The domain names are very important for companies. Most of them have well understood that they must remain vigilant. The prices that can reach certain domains in high demand invite them to never lower their guard.

On the other hand, they still too often forget to pay attention to the issue of sub-domains.

However, when a sub-domain has been used for the development of a service, but this service closes, the sub-domain also becomes dangerous. An ill-intentioned person can retrieve it and cause you the same harm as with an NDD. Unfortunately, many companies still take this problem too lightly.

How to secure your NDDs and subdomains ?

All the specialists will tell you, there is no miracle solution. On the Internet, security cannot be bought and no software is sufficient to guarantee it. Security is a process that must be intelligently and conscientiously applied on a daily basis.

The same goes for the management of domain names and sub-domains.

If your company is not yet developed enough to have a dedicated service, you should limit yourself to a manageable number of domains, for example, use an Excel spreadsheet that groups them together to have a clear view of your NDDs. Then, you just need to apply frequent checks to make sure that everything is in order and that you are using all the domains and sub-domains of your business.