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How to create a Twitter feed ?

Twitter is an excellent communication channel to promote personal, professional or associative initiatives. However, you need to know how to use this platform to take full advantage of its benefits. Beyond hashtags, you need to know about essential features such as the tweet feed.

This option allows you to get rid of the character limits on the site.

What is a TL ?

A Timeline is the page displaying all the tweets of the users you follow. It is organized from the most recent to the oldest (antechronological order). Thus, you will not miss any recent publication of your favorite stars, your friends, your professional contacts… For your followers, the news feed allows to see the different tweets published from your account.

The TL helps, to some extent, to overcome the restrictions of the social network. As a reminder, tweets were originally limited to 140 characters. The limit was then increased to 280 characters.

However, this rule is still restrictive, especially on passionate debates and delicate topics. In such situations, you often need more space to express yourself.

With the news feed, your followers will be able to discover your tweets on the same subject in the reverse order of their publication. You can already detail your position on a specific topic through this feature. However, the TL does not allow you to establish a clear link between the tweets and to follow the logic of your words.

The Twitter feed has been set up to make your speeches more coherent.

Why create a Twitter feed ?

A Twitter thread is a series of messages linked together. This system allows you to get around the 280-character limit set by the social network. However, you will not be allowed to exceed the limits set for each publication.

However, you will be able to post several tweets at once and present them in the form of a thread.

This feature appeared at the end of 2017, shortly after the increase of the limit from 140 to 280 characters. It meets the needs of users who want to write longer messages. Twitter has therefore agreed to adapt to avoid mass desertions to the competition.

Nevertheless, the platform keeps its original concept of short messages by default.

It is important to distinguish threads from tweetstorms. These are not necessarily consistent. They can eventually be connected, hence the frequent confusion with Twitter feeds.

That said, the flood of tweets is essentially characterized by the quantity and speed of the publications. In short, it is enough to link messages closely or remotely related to a theme to make a tweetstorm. On the other hand, a Twitter thread presupposes a methodical approach.

How to start a Twitter feed

You can start a thread as soon as you write a tweet from a browser or a mobile application. To do this, tap the “+” button visible above the letter “P” on a smartphone or tablet touch pad. The option is on the same line as the geolocation, if you use a computer.

In both cases, you can now write several linked tweets.

You can publish all the content of the Twitter feed at once with this procedure. On the other hand, you can also complete an existing discussion with new tweets. This will help you organize your thoughts and follow your train of thought. This can be very useful on pinned tweets.

Your publications can eventually become project presentations. This time :

  • Scroll down to see all your tweets;
  • Select the publication to complete;
  • Press “Reply” to create a thread or “View this discussion”, then “Add a new tweet” to complete an existing thread;
  • After writing the message, click on the tweet button to publish it.

How to make a good Twitter thread ?

The thread is a particularly effective way to improve the engagement of your followers. You can use it to attract new followers and gain visibility on social networks. Once mastered, this technique also allows to quickly detect a shadowban of Twitter . However, you must be familiar with the platform’s codes to take advantage of the threads.

In discussions, it is strongly discouraged to rely on raw text. Enhance your messages with different media such as images (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.).), videos or even links. So even a long feed won’t discourage your followers.

It is also essential to use hashtags. These tools will make tweets visible to a user who has not yet joined your community.

On a short thread, remember to number the tweets to structure your message and improve the readability of the content. This technique should, however, be avoided on long threads. Indeed, seeing a tweet number 12/42 is far from being conducive to engagement. Finally, respond quickly to comments to keep the conversation going.

This reactivity is also valued by the Twitter algorithm and will allow you to attract other followers thanks to trends.

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