Do you need an online payroll software

VSEs/SMEs: do you need’an online payroll software ?

Millions of companies around the world use payroll software to simplify the management of their employees’ wages. They have the choice between on-premise software, installed on their own servers, and online solutions, installed on the servers of a hosting company. Discover why VSEs and SMEs should opt for online payroll software.

What’is it’an online payroll software ?

Before determining the advantages of a payroll system, it is important to know that the system is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution online payroll software for VSEs/SMEs and how to choose one, it’s worth looking at the definition of this solution. This is a cloud-based IT tool that automates payroll processes in a company.

The online payroll software helps in the calculation of salaries, deductions and taxes of employees according to the employment contract and their time of presence. In detail, this tool allows to :

  • Consult the salary and variable pay elements of each employee;
  • Withhold taxes and deductions ;
  • Track hours worked to determine when it is necessary to pay overtime;
  • Automatically generate employee payslips;
  • Automatically send the pay slips;
  • Store documents related to salaries and employee data (name, bank account, etc.).) in the cloud.

With online payroll software, a company can also produce pay slips and the declarations in line with the social legislation.

What are the advantages for VSEs and SMEs of this solution?’to equip with online payroll software ?

Online payroll software is one of the tools that can be adopted to support the digital transformation of the company’a company . These solutions offer a number of advantages to VSEs and SMEs. The time saving is the first of them. Indeed, payroll management is a time-consuming task.

Thanks to its automation, these companies will save precious hours that they can allocate to the realization of tasks with high added value.

The online payroll software also guarantees the Respecting deadlines regarding the payment of employees’ remuneration of a company, regardless of the pro bank where it has opened an account and regulatory changes. In addition, this solution reduces the risk of human error. Employees can therefore collect the right amount at the right time, which fosters their confidence and builds loyalty.

The flexibility is another major advantage of a online payroll software for VSEs/SMEs. Users can access it at any time, regardless of the location and the medium used. In short, this solution streamlines payroll management in small businesses.

The latter can also perform this task in a completely automated way standalone. In any case, a customer support remains at their disposal to provide them with assistance and advice on payroll management.

What are the advantages for VSEs and SMEs to equip themselves with online payroll software?

How to choose the right online payroll software for a small business ?

If you run a small business, discover the online payroll software designed for small businesses . The choice of the solution to adopt must be made taking into account the functionalities that it integrates. In order to simplify the work of the HR department and to be sure to comply with the legislation, the tool must include a functionality related to the calculate payroll. The latter is established not only on the basis of variables such as overtime, sick leave, paid vacations, etc., but also on the basis of the number of employees., but also to legal rate.

It is also necessary that the online payroll software for VSEs/SMEs include a payroll functionalityEditing pay slips. It allows to transmit to the employee the simplified payslip and to put at his disposal the complete payslip.

The production of mandatory social declarations The software is also among the essential functionalities. The online payroll software must allow to make the declarations to be sent to the social administrations. The DUE (single declaration of employment) and the DSN (nominative social declaration) are among them.

In addition, the chosen solution must include a function for producing mandatory documents relating to the entry and exit of employees, such as employment contracts, work certificates, balances of accounts, etc.