Google continues to be the true king of online advertising in the midst of the networking era

Google continues to’s revenues, it is the true king of online advertising in the middle of the technology industry’era of social networking

s major companies’ earnings and financial reporting days’The last one to do so was Google and the economic data that the company has been able to generate has increased by 20%’it presented to investors – even if it is not the only one’In any case, a software simplifies the daily management of payroll by providing you with a better understanding of your company’s financial situation’Google is betting on more areas, such as infrastructure and other land, to ensure its good fortune for the online advertising universe, no matter how much the competition may make social networks.

Google king of online advertising: Adword

Alphabet, l’identity s visual identity, Outperformed forecasts in terms of revenue and profit. During the’If you take the data of the past year’full year – Google has increased by 23% in revenue. Year-over-year revenue’The operating income reached 136.8 billion dollars for the company’full year, outperforming not only the’previous year, but also those of its competitors. In the last quarter of the’s year, which coincides with the Christmas campaign and the’As one of the highlights of the advertising market, Alphabet/Google has seen its revenue increase by more than a third’The company said that most of its business revenues will increase by 22% to $ 39.3 billion.

For comparison, Facebook (which just recently reported its results as well) had closed 2018 with revenues of $55.8 billion and 37% growth. Facebook is increasingly in the comparison of’year-over-year’s advertising revenues have been increasing for the past year, but Google continues to gain a lot more visibility on each of its actions’money that’it does not close the social network. In fact, Google earns more than double the amount that Facebook moves in a year.

Advertising makes Google’s revenues

It is also important to keep in mind that’s mind that most of the revenue from the company’Alphabet are linked to Google and are therefore closely tied to the advertising. In the last quarter of the’In the past year, Google accounted for $39.1 billion in accounts, compared to 6,400 games from its cloud service, hardware sales and Play and 254 million from what is now the world’s largest advertising network’Alphabet calls the “other bets” (from its health division to its connected cars). In’In other words, Google’s good data is largely due to advertising.

Google continues to’be the’one of the biggest names in the advertising market and becoming more and more so. In the fourth quarter of the’s advertising revenues’The company’s revenues increased by 20%, maintaining the pace that had already marked the previous quarter. Google not only has a dominant position in the advertising market, but also continues to grow in its dominant market position.

The analysts if’However, there are concerns about this dependence on’This is why the stock market fell after the presentation of the results. Google stressed at its conference with investors, by the’Through its chief financial officer, Ruth Porat, that the’The company is betting on more areas, such as infrastructure and other land, to ensure its good fortune for the online advertising universe, little by little’future and be sustainable in the long term.

S’they hire a lot of people, not only in sales and marketing, but also in the’engineering, c’s largest companies’They want to “not only support with ads, but especially with the cloud” .

Position of the Google domain

This data is interesting for investors and analysts, but it is not as important for those who study the online advertising market. The data that Google has just presented shows that the giant also remains the advertising market and that the position that Google has taken in the online advertising market is still very important’it occupies is that of absolute domination.

Even when’We talk about the power of duopoly, of the’The union of Google and Facebook, it is necessary to talk about a new market’a somewhat nuanced way. As much as Facebook is growing and has an important weight on the advertising market, Google is still the real king, the one who marks things.

Amazon, the’emerging player that, according to analysts, could break with the’The state of online advertising has closed the door on the Internet’year with a turnover of’10 billion dollar business related to the division in which advertising is located. C’is much more than analysts expected’s expected (we’expected that’it closes the’This is the first time that a small business has been able to increase its visibility in 2018 (with approximately $3,000 million in revenue), but it is also the first time that a small business has been able to increase its visibility’is still far from what Google and even Facebook achieve. But this data already makes him the third largest player in online advertising.