Is it possible to make a living from sports betting

Is it possible to make a living from sports betting? 

In the’In the betting industry, some gamblers dream of becoming a professional bettor. This would allow him to break away from the subway/work/sleep pattern and embrace a more luxurious lifestyle, less constrained professionally and therefore more comfortable’other words: more free. However, is it really possible to make a living from sports betting? ? This question is always on the mind when playing online via a casino’it s’it is a matter of making the choice to leave one's stability to launch into such a professional project.

Can you make a living from sports betting? 

Can you make a living from sports betting?

L’business of sports betting is both exciting, but also very dangerous. It is largely subject to hazards that’it is impossible to master completely. However, it is possible to make a living from sports betting via, for example, a Belgian sports betting site, provided that you have the necessary skills’to have a mental of’A good bankroll, a good balance, a good credit rating and a good credit rating are all necessary passion for a sport, good mathematical knowledge (especially in probabilities) as well as’an understanding and benevolent environment.

S’it is not’It is not impossible to make a living from sports betting, it is possible to make a living from it’is however a complex path is uncertain that will discourage more than one’a.

Beyond the simple question of whether it is possible or not, one must also ask the question "Is betting an enviable life path? ? ".

Among the benefits associated with this kind of business, we count the fact :
to live from the winnings accumulated by the bets obtained with the sweat of his brow;
– d’have the means and the time to enjoy your family, go on a trip or do the hobbies you want to do’we like ;
– d’be your own boss and therefore follow a more free life.

With the benefits come the counterparts and this can be quite blocking psychologically:
There are many prejudices about this life choice;
– c’It is more unstable than a professional sports bettor’a classic job;
– c’is risky, you can win everything today’Today and lose everything the next day;
Winning in sports betting requires a lot of hard work and a lot of time’He must be able to analyze (reading all the sports articles about the sport, analyzing each match and sports event, developing a betting strategy, etc.).).

What are the qualities of’a professional sports bettor ?

What are the qualities of a professional sports bettor?

What’It is possible to make a living from sports betting via, for example, a Belgian sports betting site’A professional gambler must first and foremost establish an understanding of the various forms of betting method, and not just follow your instincts or go by feel. He must to specialize it is impossible to be completely in control of your life choice; it is impossible to be completely in control of your life choice; it is impossible to be completely in control of your life choice. He must have or acquire a lot of experience’excellent mathematical bases, in particular in probabilities.

This will allow him to’to establish his predictions on the basis of’a method, and not of s’leave it to chance. He must also be well versed in the different forms of betting, and bet on those he feels most comfortable with’comfortable.

In terms of character and psychology, the bettor must also have a good sense of humor mentally strong, because sports betting will never be a 100% winning business, and heavy losses can be a problem’money can arise. As a matter of fact’In other words, the professional sports bettor must be someone who is willing to take on the job’a lucid, thoughtful, patient and non-emotional person who knows how to distribute his bankroll intelligently.

How to make the right diagnoses ?

How to make the right diagnosis?

We repeat ourselves, but the key to good predictions lies in l’analysis. You have to discard as much as possible anything that is random. In fact, professional bettors are similar in some respects to traders that must be learned’rely on a method for each investment and placement. Of course, the zero risk n’It will be necessary to know that the team does not exist and that there will always be a part of chance, no matter how much zeal one has’you put in.

The trick is to limit it as much as possible’you can.

To make your prediction, you need to analyze. The best thing to do is already to s’press the the right tools to study the match statistics and recent races. To do this, you can take a subscription to a specialized sports magazine and look at the articles that interest you.

You also have a lot of online data updated by the bookmakers and available on specialized sites like or

It is also necessary to imagine each element conducive to a bet, since it can take many different forms. It will be necessary to’linger on all the details. For example for the soccer, it will be possible to bet on the total number of goals or on the number of goals before halftime, on several games. To do this, you will have to base yourself on different criteria, such as :
– the composition of the’team;
– l’absence of certain players;
– general ranking.

Then, it is necessary to establish a tracking bets. For those lost, it is necessary to analyze and understand what the’one has not taken sufficiently into account. This is in line with the old adage "learn from your mistakes". You also need to choose a type of formula: single or combined.

Do you prefer to bet on a single match or on several, knowing that the second solution is much riskier, but the gains are also higher.

If this article was intended to give food for thought on the choice of becoming a professional sports bettor and to give some basics on the method to acquire, it is however very far from’be comprehensive. If you are interested in the subject, n’Feel free to do your own research online. There are a lot of’more complete articles that will allow you to form a better opinion of the difficulty and danger of this professional project.