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How to disable Quick Add on Snapchat ?

Quick add is an easy way to expand your Snapchat contact list. It works in the same way as Facebook’s friend suggestions. Indeed, the feature recommends members you might know or like.

You will then be able to quickly increase the number of your friends. However, these proposals are not always useful or relevant. You can, in this case, delete them.

Which can appear in the Snapchat quick add ?

Like other social media, Snapchat uses an algorithm to better manage its content and users. This system helps to highlight the most relevant items and the most active accounts. It also encourages interaction between members and the formation of groups on the network.

Thanks to this algorithm, you will also have the possibility to discover the subjects and profiles that may interest you.

However, it is difficult to understand how the application uses the data to generate the quick add suggestions. Moreover, recommendations are often approximate. That said, it is possible to identify some factors that are taken into consideration by this feature.

The algorithm suggests, among other things, the contacts in your address book, but not yet in your friends list on Snapchat.

On the other hand, the platform takes into account the number of common friends with other users of the network. You actually have High chances of knowing a person present in the contact lists of several friends. The algorithm also recommends members of groups you belong to on the platform. In this case, it is likely that you have other interests or activities in common.

You will receive the corresponding suggestions.

How to disable the quick add ?

Snapchat’s algorithm is particularly effective in optimizing the display and organization of messages. Indeed, it prioritizes the members contacted regularly in the list of the messaging. You will then be able to find your friends and resume your exchanges more quickly. On the other hand, the results are not very convincing when it comes to friend suggestions.

With its randomness, thequick add is a great way to build new relationships if you want to diversify your friends’ profiles. On the other hand, it may be embarrassing for less adventurous people. In this case, it is better to remove your profile from the list of potential recommendations.

You can then enjoy the platform with your current friends. To disappear from the lists of quick add :

  • Launch the Snapchat application;
  • Click on your profile picture;
  • Tap the gear symbol at the top right of the screen;
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down to the “Who can…” section;
  • Select “See me in Quick Add”;
  • Toggle the button to the left to disable the feature.

However, this procedure will not prevent the display of suggestions of friends on your app. It simply removes you from other users’ add lists. In your profile, you will still see recommendations under the search field.

You can still delete unwanted profiles one by one. To do so, simply press the “X” visible on the right of the suggested account. This profile will then be permanently hidden by the application.

How to remove notifications from this feature ?

In general, Snapchat members are content with hide individual friend suggestions from the platform. However, this technique can become tiresome over time. Therefore, it is better to look for a faster and permanent way to restrict the quick add feature.

You can, for example, deactivate the display of notifications to avoid being disturbed by these recommendations.

To limit the suggestions of friends, you will have to intervene in the notification permissions. In the details, you will need to :

  • Open the Snapchat app;
  • Touch your profile picture;
  • Click on the notched icon to access Settings;
  • Select Notifications from the displayed menu;
  • Turn off Friend Suggestions using the built-in toggle.

Quick Add doesn’t really have a dedicated option in the settings and notifications. Nevertheless, you can avoid these suggestions by disabling notifications for friend suggestions. This technique doesn’t always work, but it can limit the inconvenience.

Its effectiveness depends on the version of your app and the latest updates published by Snapchat.

How to remove notifications from this feature?

Who can contact you on Snapchat ?

In the Settings, the “Who can…” section requires special attention on Snapchat. It allows you to removing your profile from other network members’ Quick Add lists. As a reminder, you can disable the visibility of your profile in the quick add with the dedicated toggle. This part also includes “Contact Me”, “View My Story” and “View My Location” sections.

For the first option, you can choose between “Everyone” and “My friends”. This last choice is highly recommended to restrict the users who can contact you on the network. The same applies to “View my story” and “View my location”. This way, you limit the privacy and security risks. However, the restriction of contact will prevent you from adding new people met through the application.

Such a restriction is considered a handicap by members wishing to increase the number of meetings on social networks. If you want to make new contacts, you can answer “Everyone” to the question “Who can contact me? ? “. In this case, you can to receive an individual request or a group invitation from anyone who sees your comments and snaps.