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How to convert Sweatcoin to Euro ?

Sweatcoin step counter is particularly effective in motivating reluctant people to walk every day. Indeed, the application offers to pay you with a home-made cryptocurrency from 1,000 daily steps. You can then accumulate and convert the tokens into rewards in the dedicated store.

In short, you will value your sweat through Sweatcoins.

How much can I earn with Sweatcoin ?

Before converting Sweatcoins to euros, you have to work up a sweat to earn your tokens. This is indeed the basis of the concept. So you’ll have to walk to be rewarded by the Sweatcoin app.

In practice, you’ll earn 0.95 coin per 1,000 steps. This amount corresponds to 1 token less a 5% commission.

However, the daily earnings are limited depending on your subscription. Monthly payments are still made in Sweatcoins (SC), except for the top level. You can subscribe to the :

  • Mover (free), limited to 5 coins per day, or 150 tokens per month;
  • Shaker (4.75 SC), offering 10 SC per day maximum or 300 SC monthly;
  • Quaker (20 SC), limited to 15 SC daily, or 450 SC per month ;
  • Breaker (30 SC), allowing to get 20 SC per day or 600 SC monthly;
  • Trouble Maker, requiring a real money subscription (in the 1,4 euro per month), to win up to 50 SC per day, that is 1 500 SC per month.

You can also receive a daily bonus by agreeing to watch an advertising video. However, the rewards vary depending on the advertiser. Referrals also earn 5 SC for each user brought to the platform. From the 30th referral on, you become a Sweatcoin influencer.

You will benefit from a wider choice of gifts from the partners of the application.

How to convert my Sweatcoins ?

For the time being, you cannot directly convert Sweatcoins into Euro. It is, on the other hand, possible to use your tokens to get PayPal money, Amazon gift cards, vouchers… Considering the transactions that can be made, 1 token of the cryptocurrency is equivalent to about 0.008 euro. You will need to collect in the 7,000 coins to acquire Apple AirTags in the rewards store.

Every day you’ll find various prizes to buy on the Sweatcoin application. However, it is more of a conversion than a real purchase. Indeed, the currency is not yet listed on the cryptomarket.

So you don’t have the option to cash out in real money. However, you can convert your tokens into :

  • Promo codes for partner sites;
  • Gifts to be picked up physically from the listed pickup points;
  • Gift cards or vouchers on Amazon ;
  • PayPal vouchers.

The app also includes an Auction feature that allows you to obtain a wide variety of prizes. You only need to open the dedicated section to know what items are available. Any member can in principle join these flash events and pay in Sweatcoins.

However, beginners can rarely afford to participate due to their low capital.

How to put PayPal on Sweatcoin ?

PayPal is the best way to convert Sweatcoins into euro. However, it is important to remember that the operation excludes cash-out. This way, you won’t be able to withdraw the money posted in your sales.

On the other hand, you will have the possibility to spend these euros in the stores and partner platforms.

On the other hand, you can’t link the step counter to a PayPal account. This option is not always available. It may or may not be offered depending on the daily batches. So you will have to come back another day, if the PayPal offer is not listed in the rewards section.

You can eventually increase the frequency of its appearance by referring more than 50 new users.

To find this option, touch the shopping bag visible on the home screen of the application. This will take you to a page with all possible purchases. If the option is present, press the PayPal icon.

Then simply follow the instructions provided by the program. In the confirmation email, click on Buy Now finalize the conversion of your coins into euros.

Online casino: another way to make money

If it is not possible to convert Sweatcoins into money, you can earn money by playing at an online casino. It is a platform that works in the same way as the usual physical casinos, except that the games it offers are online. This means that you play on the platform, via your smartphone or computer.

Various games are waiting for you at the online casinos: poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, keno, craps, etc. In addition to being fun, playing on these platforms also gives you the chance to win money. For this, the casino provides you with chips that allow you to make a spin online.

Unlike sweatcoin, online casino winnings are convertible to cash. You can get it back in various payment methods: paypal, crypto currency, credit card, etc.

So, how do you play at an online casino? ? All you have to do is find the casino of your choice. Sign up online. Registration is fast and free.

Once your account is set up, you have the option of crediting your account to make your first bet. The platform can also offer you a welcome bonus (free spins, no deposit bonus, etc.).). You can play from this moment on.