Programmed obsolescence increase the durability of your smartphone

Programmed obsolescence: increase the durability of your smartphone

In order to sell more and more, many companies do not have a warranty’In the past, manufacturers have not hesitated to use illegal methods, including the use of the “smart phone”’programmed obsolescence. Decrease the durability of products, such is the “demodification effect”’The objective of these companies is to make a profit before the well-being of consumers and the planet. To mitigate this problem, users can also take action, starting with the smartphone, which is now widely used by large companies’one of the most used objects in the world.

L’programmed obsolescence on smartphones

Although’s illegal and repeatedly condemned, the’programmed obsolescence is still a practice today’Today it is very common among large companies. Selling more and more, conquering market share and overtaking the competition is the credo of these unscrupulous companies. L’Programmed obsolescence consists in decreasing the durability of a phone’an object. It takes several forms, such as’We can categorize them as follows:

  • L’technical obsolescence: “Sorry, this model of battery is not compatible with our products’no longer exists “. Here is an example of what can be a nice representation of what a printer can do’is the’indirect obsolescence. The consumer can no longer use the product because the product has been damaged’one of the components cannot be changed, n’is not repairable or not in use’The product no longer exists in the store.
  • L’Aesthetic obsolescence: it is also called psychological or cultural obsolescence. C’is when’a brand sells the new features of its product through promotional campaigns. It is called “the’The “old-fashioned” effect.
  • L’software obsolescence: it is not’It is when the product is not used’is no longer compatible with the software initially installed.
  • L’functional obsolescence: c’s famous chip in the cartridge’printer. At the end of’After a certain period of time, defined during the design of the product, the latter can no longer ensure its primary function.

Regarding smartphones, no manufacturer has ever been able to offer a solution to this problem’will admit that’it s’act to’a common practice. And yet, Apple itself, cornered by the’association HOP (Halte à l’Environnement)’The company was fined 25 million euros for the same reason’s at the beginning of its life cycle’year 2020 for software obsolescence.

On French soil, the practice is illegal since 2015. At that time, this unfair practice of increasing the “replacement rate” by deliberately decreasing the life span of the phone was denounced’a product. This, in addition to representing a heavy economic burden for consumers, causes a considerable environmental impact.

Solutions to keep your phone longer

If the’Obsolescence is an unfair and illegal practice suffered by consumers, they still retain some power over large companies. This can be done by boycotting the company concerned, but also by some measures to repair the dysfunctional products. In order to save money and take care of the planet, consumers can thus :

  • To make use of the guarantee or the’insurance

In general, a phone is under warranty for the first 24 months. C’is your case ? N’hesitate more ! The repair will be free and without constraint. Only condition: the consumer must not be the source of the problem encountered (the fall of the phone in the toilet will not be covered).

For a few euros per month, smartphone owners can also subscribe to a phone insurance. The latter protects the’user in the event of an accident’broken screen, defective battery, component out of order, programmed obsolescence’oxidation or theft.

  • Have their phone repaired in a store or on specialized sites

Some stores located in commercial areas offer consumers to repair their smartphones. It usually takes them an hour to do the job, but they can also be used for other purposes’opportunity to do so’going shopping. Beware, some warranties may blow up if the consumer does not go to a store of the brand concerned to have their phone repaired.

Many websites offer consumers to repair their phone. It is important to study the terms and conditions carefully and to check the seriousness of the site and the reviews before proceeding with the purchase’sending from your smartphone.

  • Fixing their own phone

DIY enthusiasts can try their hand at home repairing their smartphone. Video tutorials on the Internet can help you to proceed step by step and repair kits are available in many stores and specialized sites.