How to encourage your children to buy French

How to encourage your children to buy French ?

In most commercials, marketers put a special emphasis on the French market’French origin of the displayed product. This ranges from clothing items to’from the food industry to the cosmetics industry. Very appreciated, this strategy of valorization of local products certainly deserves to be adopted’It should be adopted by all consumers in France’Hexagon. However, how to get children to prefer local items ?

Buy on specialized marketplaces Made in France

As you certainly know, parents are the best role models for children. Thus, your little treasures are watching you and trying to reproduce what you do. The first step in encouraging your children to buy French is to do it yourself.

To do this, Made in France marketplaces seem to be an ideal solution.

Why buy on Made in France marketplaces ?

Similar to physical markets, Made in France marketplaces These are virtual shops where you will find products and foodstuffs made in France only. C’This is notably what Frach proposes, a marketplace that offers a careful selection of locally made products. Of course, it is not only limited to the’food, but also to all other positions.

Thus, you will find on these marketplaces clothes and various decorative objects.

Also, Many gifts for children, but also for adults, are proposed there. You don’will have that’to choose the ones that suit you. It would also be a good idea to make small remarks about the product the quality of the products you buy on French marketplaces.

Far from’s subconscious to the fact that the food you eat will be commonplace, it will contribute to conditioning your children&#8217s subconscious to the fact that the food you eat will be commonplace’buy products Made in France.

Categories of Made in France marketplaces

If you do the’In addition to the marketplace option, you should know that’there are different kinds. You will distinguish in particular the B2B marketplaces that put two or more merchants in contact with each other. Then you have the B2C model.

This type of trade is the most widespread, because it is’address to consumers.

Putting two individuals in contact, the C2C system allows direct exchanges between two physical persons.

Made in France, a guarantee of quality

Introduce them to the’importance of Made in France

Of course, it is important to’get your children used to buying products made in France. However, that must be reinforced by a complementary pedagogy In order to make them understand the French market, you should know that’importance of this habit. Indeed, a child who perceives the merits of the marketplaces will not be able to buy anything’a cause spontaneously adheres to it. To this end, you should explain that l’The purchase of French products allows to support the economy’national economy and to provide him a better education.

In addition, point out that’Opting for imported items would cause local artisans and industrialists to lose sales. This would create a chain reaction that would then lead to the loss of employment of many employees. This obviously includes workers, but also executives s subconscious to the fact that they are not the only ones to be concerned about the health of their children’and many others.

Tell them that Made in France is a guarantee of quality

In order to’Encourage your children to buy French, It is important to explain to them that local products are synonymous with quality. In fact, the standards set by the French government require that all products be made in France’use of certain inputs. This can be seen in the production of all kinds of gifts for children, but also in the production of’article. As an example’illustration, n’Don’t hesitate to use the nutriscore on food products and explain to them what it means.

Moreover, tell them that they aim to offer consumers healthy and good quality products.