How to remove sensitive content on Twitter

How to remove sensitive content on Twitter

The Twitter platform blocks by default all content considered as potentially sensitive. However, this feature can be disabled, even on devices that do not offer this option. This way you can remove the sensitive content mode on any type of device.

This way, you will have more freedom on the social network.

What is "sensitive content"? 

Like most consumer sites, Twitter uses the "potentially sensitive content" warning mainly for nudity and violence. However, the social media is more conciliatory than Facebook. The platform mainly targets illegal, "excessively bloody" or "sexually violent" content. Everything else is theoretically allowed.

Twitter automatically blocks content that violates its sensitive media policy. In this case, the social network may display various warnings such as :

  • This media may contain sensitive content;
  • This profile may include potentially sensitive content;
  • The following media contains potentially sensitive content.

However, the site reserves the right to restrict tweets based on socio-economic and geopolitical conditions. Depending on the context, some comments can be classified as sensitive and lead to a block or shadowban from Twitter . The site also prohibits any form of advocacy of hate, racism, intolerance and terrorism.

How to disable sensitive content mode on Twitter ?

It is possible to deactivate the sensitive content mode by changing the privacy settings of a Twitter profile. You can also find the option in the same place on an app for Android. However, this choice is not available in the mobile application on iOS.

The change in the web setting will nevertheless apply to Twitter applications for iPhone and iPad.

Once you've made the changes, you'll be able to view sensitive content from your account without any warning. Attention ! You should only use this technique if there is no risk of your profile being opened by an uninformed user. To disable this type of warning:

  • Go to the Twitter website;
  • Log in to your profile with your username and password;
  • Click on Menu, then Settings and Privacy ;
  • Select Privacy and Security ;
  • In the Security section, check the "Show media that may contain sensitive content" box.

Go directly to the third point to disable the warning on an Android mobile connected to your account. Thereafter, tweets will no longer be filtered in your news feed.

How to show "sensitive content" in searches

By default, Twitter excludes from search results all tweets containing sensitive content. You can nevertheless display these media, if you wish. To do this:

  • Access the Twitter web platform;
  • Press Menu to open the main settings interface;
  • Open Settings and Privacy, then Content Preferences ;
  • Choose Search Settings;
  • Uncheck the "Hide sensitive content" box.

Now even sensitive content can appear in your Twitter searches. The procedure is quite similar on an Android mobile device. You only need to start from the opening of the Menu. However, this does not affect permanent censorship and bans.

You will not be able to follow or view the tweets of permanently banned users.

If you are rather concerned about sensitive media, you don't have to worry about this content. The platform automatically filters these tweets. You will, however, have to make efforts and perform various actions to get rid of these default settings of the social network.