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How to unmask a masked caller ?

You receive masked calls and it starts to annoy you. Generally, a call of this type is translated on your phone by these designations: private call, unknown number or anonymous number. You can’t call back your interlocutor and it is difficult to unmask him.

There are nowadays’today several solutions to know the’identity of the person who calls you.

Unmasking a stalker with the police

If you find yourself in a victim position, the police will be the best one to find your stalker. In the event that c’is your child If you are the target of malicious people, it is strongly advised to file a complaint against X. Nevertheless, this solution is sometimes long and the threats must be concrete and have a strong impact in your life for your case to be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible.

The technique of call forwarding’automated call

This solution is not well known but it is very effective. Indeed, in most cases you will be able to unmask a hidden number, whether you are on iPhone or Android. In order to implement your strategy, you must contact your telephone operator. Ask them to do a redirect your calls to another line. In this way, when’If a hidden number tries to call you, it will be redirected to your second line and then the phone number of the person you are calling will be displayed’view.

You will be able to know who is sending you anonymous SMS messages.

Use a monitoring application

Use a monitoring application

The third option for unmasking a private number is to download an application like MM Guardian. This application is basically a parental control and allows parents to’keep an eye on your children’s consumption. You can therefore use it to call your friends’It can be installed on your own mobile device to keep you safe. MM Guardian has various features including one that records all incoming calls on the phone’app as well as the number. Thus, you can view the list of calls as well as the names of the contacts s’they are stored in your smartphone, the calling numbers even if they are not known’they are private, the date and duration of calls.

In case of harassment, this data will be used to identify the victim’It is a great help for the police but also for proving the facts.

Unmasking a stranger with Snapchat

Snapchat has many surprises in store. Among these, we now know that’you can unmask an unknown number, except if’it comes from’a large telecom company. You and the stalker must have the necessary information’app on your smartphone. This option does not’is therefore not always reliable.

To unmask your contact, add the unknown number with a nickname of your choice (Mr X, the stalker, the slob, etc.). Only you will be able to see the name assigned. Then, start a new chat, select the unknown number, type some characters without sending them. The profile picture and the nickname of your mysterious correspondent will be displayed on your website’display.

It only remains for you’to go to Facebook to conduct your investigation.

What is the best solution to unmask a private number ?

What is the best solution to unmask a private number?

We have seen four options to find out who is behind an anonymous number. Which one is it?’proves to be the most effective ?

It seems that the solution of the’monitoring application like MM Guardian remains the best method to unmask a private number. Indeed, you can record all calls and collect valuable data in addition to the anonymous person’s number. This way you can prove your case if you have to file a complaint. In addition, MM Guardian proposes to’other features like :

  • Locate a phone if you have downloaded the’app on it
  • read messages from your device
  • block unwanted phone numbers and apps on the Internet’children’s device
  • and many more’other options that allow you to secure and monitor your relatives

N’Don’t hesitate to try different methods to find the one that seems the most reliable !