The main channels of traffic acquisition

The main channels of traffic acquisition

Having the most beautiful website in the world is one thing, but what is the point if nobody visits it? ? For a site to perform, it is necessary to find levers of traffic acquisition. There are different types, all with their own characteristics. In this article we will review the main ones you can develop to make your website known.

The natural referencing

Sometimes called SEO, natural referencing is one of the most classic levers. In the world of the web, it is this one which generates the most visits generally. It is simply the visitors who come from search engines and who found your site by typing keywords.

To develop this channel, you must have a technically well designed site so that it is understood by search engine robots.

Your content must be interesting and must correspond to the expressions typed by Internet users in the engine.

Finally, it is also necessary to have a popular site by making sure to have many external links to it.

The advantage of natural referencing is that it provides a stable traffic in the long term simply by the fact that the site is interesting for the Internet user.

Paid referencing SEA

The paid referencing refers to the advertising results that are displayed in the engines when you type a search. The best known channel is Google Ads but Bing also offers its own.

The idea is to pay, by auction, to make one’s site visible on a keyword typed by Internet users. The more companies that are interested in an expression, the higher the bids will be.

The advantage with this lever is that as long as you pay, you are sure to be visible. We can choose precisely the keyword on which we want to appear and we have rich data on the performance of the campaign. We can measure precisely the keywords that have generated conversions and the ads that lead to clicks.

By refining your campaign, you end up with a regular acquisition of traffic that ensures a constant flow of visits.

Social media or SMO

Social networks are also an interesting visibility lever to develop, especially in certain sectors. As soon as there is an opportunity to develop a brand image and your field of activity is related to the visual, the SMO is a channel to consider.

By developing a strong presence, responding to people who mention you and posting regularly, you will be able to develop your community and channel it to your site and send links to your pages.


Last lever of our list: emailing allows to contact a prospect base. The rule here is the quality of the list. The more emails you have from people who are close to what you are proposing, the more effective your campaigns will be.

Find ways to get emails back, such as distributing white papers, and regularly follow up your prospects with emails.