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How to unmask a hidden number on iPhone ?

It is usually intriguing to receive a call from a blocked number, at least at first. However, the situation can quickly become unbearable when your phone keeps ringing at inappropriate times. You have no way to know if it is the same person.

Nevertheless, you now have access to solutions to identify users of private numbers.

How to see the number of a hidden call on iPhone ?

You currently have a rather limited number of answers to the question ” how to unmask a hidden iPhone number ? “. Paradoxically, there are a myriad of methods to avoid showing your identity to your correspondents. These techniques can be based on parameters such as :

  • Your device (brand, generation, series and model);
  • Your line (mobile, fixed line or fixed line linked to an Internet box);
  • Your operator (Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues…);
  • Your subscriptions (standard offer, company pack, VIP private number, formula with canvassing blocking option…).

Conversely, it is more complicated to identify a caller if he/she uses a private number. Brands also tend to direct users to third-party applications offered on the App Store or Play Store. Apple for example recommends to choose a filtering program on its download platform.

Indeed, the iPhone does not offer any native functionality to unmask a hidden call.

To identify the caller, the solution to adopt depends fundamentally on the situation. Go to the police station if the anonymous call was used to extort money or harass your children. Bring your phone and file a complaint against X. Law enforcement agencies will then pressure your operator to obtain the number and identity of the perpetrators.

However, you can not solicit the police officers, if you only want to see the number masked. The alternative in this case is to activate unconditional call forwarding. Your calls will be forwarded to another line. This second device will display the masked number.

Finally, you can also follow the advice of smartphone manufacturers and opt for a third-party application such as mSpy.

Installing an app like mSpy

You will appreciate filtering apps in particular, if you know how to unmask a hidden landline number. Indeed, this type of terminal lacks such practical tools. You must therefore use various codes or contact your telephone operator.

However, the results are not always satisfactory. In addition, the options available are often not free.

Today, you can find many applications on the App Store, if you wonder how to unmask an iPhone hidden number. Parental control software such as mSpy is the most popular choice among users. Basically, these solutions are designed to protect minors from the dangers of existing communication channels. This approach necessarily involves monitoring the activities on the smartphone and identifying the individuals wishing to contact the child.

When faced with a potential danger, you will be able to see the caller’s number, even if it is hidden. The application also records all the details of the call, such as the time, date and duration of the conversation. To use this tool, you need two phones.

The application is indeed available in two versions, the program for children and the parental control interface.

The two facets of the application are really efficient to monitor and protect in real time the little ones. Transposed to your problem, the child version will be installed and active on your laptop. You will also need another device to use the parent dashboard.

The latter will reveal the number of the masked call, when you will be contacted again on your iPhone.